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Back Pack Safety

Back to School Backpack Safety

The ABCs of Backpacks
More than 40 million students head off to class each day with backpacks slung over their shoulders. About 20 million of those students are carrying twice the recommended weight on the back.

A: Allow wheels
According to a survey of NASS spine specialists, 31.7% of those surveyed recommend using a backpack on wheels.

B: Back to basics
20.8% of the spine specialists polled recommend the traditional style backpack.

C: Comfort counts
It's important to make sure the backpack feels comfortable to the child and the straps can be adjusted for a tight fit.

D: Don't overload
 64% of those surveyed claim that overloading the pack is the number one way children and teens improperly use their backpacks.

E: Everything is too much
Pack only what you need! It is recommend that the pack should weigh no more than 10-15% of the child's body weight.

F: Fit your frame
Always use both straps and adjust them snugly on your shoulders.

G: Get organized
Organize the pack so the heavy items are closest to your back.

H: Heavy hurts!
Don't carry more than you can handle. Make frequent stops to unload the pack.

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